Available for downloading serveral F2B drawings. They are not meant to replace those that can be bought directly from distributors as they are not in real size and the quality is just acceptable. This site declines all responsibility for any misuse of the material and cannot be liable for unathorized copies meant for the commerce. After downloading the ones you want, a compacted winzip file will be obtained containing an image file (jpg). By clicking on the names below, the dowloading starts.


Cessna para .35 (377kb)

Dazzler (602k)

Stiletto (603kb)

Stilares (792kb)

Shark (406kb)

Metaphor 2 (498kb)

Juno (423kb)

Genesis (423kb)

F4U Stunter (490kb)

Spectrum (69kb)


Mirage (90kb)

Cheyenne 15 (218lb)

Gee Bee (375kb)

Airacobra (457kb)

Mig Mobral (438kb)